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Awareness that Safety is extremely important to M I D as is upholding the principles of safety first, prevention crucial and comprehensive treatment. As such, the Company has changed its regulatory approach, promoting safety management from both the qualitative and quantitative perspectives. We have implemented new production safety measures, established a “three in one” safety implementation mechanism, pressed ahead with standardized production safety, and strengthened our efforts to foster a culture of corporate safety that will ensure safe and stable production and operations in the company.

Safety Management System

In order to ensure production safety, we have established and improved our safety management system. Through intensive training and education, the supervision of processes, summary and feedback systems and the continuous improvement of other measures, we have achieved a closed-loop safety management system and ensured the effective operations of our safety system.

Safety Emergency System: The Company takes the “improvement of its emergency system, and enhancement of its emergency capability” as its principal goal, and persists in paralleling the rescue afterwards with the prevention beforehand. It strengthens the building of emergency rescue teams and equipment, and intensifies emergency disposal to continuously improve its emergency management.

By conducting emergency trainings, formulating emergency plans and making emergency drills, the Company continues to enhance its emergency disposal and protection capacity.

Safety Implementation

M I D has established a responsibility implementation system featuring the “three in one” concept. Through the implementation of responsibility, trainings and inspections, the Company has strengthened the implementation and enforcement of work safety, improved its safety management and enhanced its intrinsic and overall safety.

Implementing Responsibility:According to the unified leadership, responsibility implementation, graded management, classified guidance, and all-employee participation principles, the Company has established a safety management system featuring four-level management and level-to-level responsibility to clearly define the production safety management responsibility of functional departments and key positions. In accordance with the principles of dual responsibility in one position and safety responsibility in every position, the Company has conveyed production safety responsibility to all employees including information on the entire production and management process. In order to fully implement its production safety responsibility system, the Company signs the “Production Safety Responsibility Management” with subsidiary companies covering responsibility decomposition, responsibility implementation and responsibility evaluation.

Safety Systems: M I D, implementing all national policies, laws and regulations with regard to production safety, has established a system and standards for production safety responsibility, supervision, process and evaluation in order to form a top-down safety system with clearly outlined responsibilities. In 2015, the Company formulated and improved more than 480 safety management systems and standards.

The Company makes great effort to promote standardized production safety, and has formulated the “Application Program for Evaluating Standardized Production Safety in the Enterprises”, requiring that subsidiary companies develop their own evaluation method, establish evaluation standards, and develop a step-by-step evaluation in the enterprises.

Inspection and Implementation: The Company has implemented and established a production safety inspection system, and organized safety inspections for its major projects to effectively institutionalize, standardize and normalize the inspection of production safety.

Safety Culture

M I D gives full play to the guiding and shaping role of culture, actively conducts activities that facilitate a culture of safety, and enhances employees’ awareness and capacity by influencing the corporate culture and transforming employees from a “want me safe” approach to a “I want to be safe” approach.

Concepts of Safety Culture: We have constantly sublimated the culture of safety and put forward the life supreme and safe operation first concept. The concept integrates our responsibility to our employees and society, and facilitates cultural thinking that focuses on humanity, treasuring life, scientific development, and building a harmonious enterprise.

Construction of Safety Culture: We use publicity and education to construct our safety culture. Through media activities that include newspapers, magazines, flip charts, banners, blackboard newspaper, and public readings, we have publicly promoted our safety concept and educated our staff and society on the benefits of creating a strong safety culture. We have also translated the safety concepts into the conscious actions of employees.

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