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M I D carries out quality control in its entire industry chain, offering high-grade engineering to customers to create a harmonious home, providing quality standards for the construction industry to better explore upgrades to quality, and building high quality housing projects to shape the image of the construction industry and make the country powerful.

Quality Procurement

Procurement of high-quality raw materials and services is a requirement of M I D. In line with the unified planning, implementation step by step, and experiment in pilot areas principles, the Company has built up a centralized procurement platform covering the headquarters and subsidiaries. The platform centralizes the funds and the procurement rights of the building materials and labor force to the legal person responsible and provides an open and transparent procurement process to ensure the quality of the procurement of building materials and labor force.

Central Procurement Platform: established by the Group headquarters but not involved in the direct procurement. The function of the platform is primarily to improve the centralized procurement system process, promote the information platform, monitor procurement activities of subsidiary companies, record, collect and analyze procurement data, and provide data support for subsidiary companies in order to better enable procurement decisions.

Regional Procurement Platform: established by subsidiary companies and directly involved in procurement. The platform’s main responsibilities include inspection and evaluation of subcontractors and suppliers, selection of suitable supplier/subcontractor, supervision over the full manufacturing and delivering building materials process, and strict control of subcontractors’ construction progress and quality.

Quality Control

Adhering to our targeted management, process control, phased evaluation, and continuous improvement quality control concept, M I D conducts full-process quality control of the company.

All-employee Training: by holding meetings, setting up quality teams, and carrying out the A-Good Quality Campaign, the Company provides training on quality for general staff, quality professionals and new employees to enhance their quality awareness and capability.

Quality Services

The understanding and support of an enterprise’s customers is a driving force for sustainable development. M I D strengthens the management of its fulfillment of contracts, protects customers’ privacy, and provides differentiated and comprehensive services for different customers.

Contract compliance is fundamental to the sustainable development of M I D. The Company has established a standardized business system and controls the fulfillment of contracts. A supervisory group has been set up for major construction projects, which strictly controls the project schedule and quality in line with contract requirements to enhance the capacity for contract compliance. The Company has also strengthened its management of confidential business information, and strictly keeps confidential all customer information, contract terms, and design programs.

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