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Green Development

As the largest construction and real estate conglomerate in the country, M I D takes the lead integrating green concepts into the development and construction process, and explores new paths for green development and construction in the industry so as to promote the green building to a higher level in the industry. Centering on low carbon growth and energy conservation in the industry, the Company conducts research and development on a green product technology database, and establishes standards for green products. The Company also creates an integrated application platform for the development of green products and builds a green development demonstration project.

Green Design

As a cradle of green architecture, the design will guide how the forthcoming construction activities affect the environment and the consumption of resources. M I D has taken the lead in initiating studies in green architecture. We have incorporated the 3R principles of green design (reduce pollution, reduce energy consumption, and recycle materials), so that we can minimize energy consumption throughout the life cycle of the buildings and its adverse impact on environment.

M I D integrates green initiatives in its planning and design processes, program development, and drawings, and sees green concepts as important criteria when testing technology. After conducting a comprehensive survey on the applicability and limitations of various energy-saving technologies, we select the most appropriate green technology and then conduct a quantitative analysis of the environmental impact of our projects to ensure a healthy and green habitat.

Green Procurement

Taking into account environmental protection and economic efficiency, M I D has incorporated environmental requirements for materials into its procurement contracts, giving priority to the products with environmental markings. The Company has also conducts an environmental evaluation of its suppliers, and views environmental management system certifications as an important standard. M I D has also developing a List of Qualified Suppliers in Environmental Protection and has strengthened its transportation management to minimize any adverse impact on environment.

The Company believes it is its duty to improve the environmental management in the industry, and has established a platform to share green technology with suppliers. The Company also carries out environmental trainings for suppliers, urging them to establish an environmental management system and get environmental certifications in order to build a green supply chain together.

Green Construction

M I D has integrated a circular economy and low-carbon economy into the construction process, improving staff awareness of conservation, promoting environmental technology and increasing the utilization efficiency of energy and resources to reduce waste emissions and protect the ecological system.

Green Office

M I D has formulated management rules and usage requirements for office facilities, applied green concepts to electricity usage, water usage, office supplies, business hospitality, phone usage and vehicle usage, and strictly controls its daily expenses for items such as reception, maintenance of vehicles and gas refueling.