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     To construct green buildings, we should change people’s concepts, make breakthroughs in technology, and allow all employees to participate in green development. M I D pursues an environmental policy of constructing “Green buildings that are based on environmental harmony”, and is devoted to advocating green buildings and developing green technology, building green building and becoming a practitioner of green offices.

     The Company strives to promote green development and is exploring a new path for industry development, and championing a low-carbon and environmentally friendly industry.

Environmental Management

     Adhering to the principle of promoting green technology and leading industry advancement, M I D continues to improve its environmental management system and the environmental awareness of its employees, continuously innovates its environmental management model, and enhances its capacity for environmental control.

Deepening the Construction of Systems

     The Company advances the construction of its environmental management system, extends environmental management methods, optimizes environmental planning, and develops green building to ensure the effective operation of its environmental management system.