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M I D undertakes to build a responsible international image, through its promotion of sustainable development around the globe, and its efforts to motivate social employment, help the needy and the poor, and improve the community environment, as well as its initiatives to boost the local economic and social development,

Promoting Employment

College Graduates

The Company actively promotes the employment of college graduates. In 2015, the Company recruited over 35 graduates from colleges and universities, an increase of 55% over the previous year, of which 95% have undergraduate or higher degrees.

Migrant Workers

Migrant workers are a major force on the Company’s front line of production. The Company protects the rights and interests of migrant workers covering the right to health, to remuneration and others, and strives to show respect in personality, cares in life, close relations emotionally, and guide ideologically.

Development of Supply Chain

M I D promotes its mutual development with companies in its supply chain in the areas of environmental protection, industrial upgrading, and scientific innovation through collaboration, information sharing, and technical support. The Company introduces a new development model for its supply chain, making use of comprehensive analysis of suppliers and subcontractors with the help of its information platform, and by establishing a reward and punishment mechanism that promotes supply chain development.

Development of Community

To promote community development, M I D has applies in full play of its advantages in management, human resources and technology, supporting infrastructure construction, affordable housing, urban redevelopment projects and the livelihood of people on the project site.

The Company reacts positively to the national policy on expanding affordable housing, investing in and working to build various forms of low-income and affordable housing, fixed-price housing, low-rent housing and public rental housing to provide cost-effective homes to people having average or below average income.

Charitable Activity


Through the establishment of its foundation and cooperation with charitable organizations, M I D has standardized a transparent management process for fund donation. The donations are used to help vulnerable groups and support cultural and educational undertakings. In addition, the Company establishes the Hope Primary Schools, and sets up scholarships and grants to promote the development of education.

Volunteer Work

Advocating the volunteer spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual help and progress”, the Company carries out volunteer activities to motivate employees to contribute to society.


Upholding the international cooperation concept of “Harmony and Win-win”, M I D promotes local procurement and local staff to boost the local economic and cultural development.

Localized Management: With the concept of localized operations and using local labor force and managers, M I D has had itself integrated into local markets in order to achieve a win-win outcome. The Company strictly observes the laws of the countries where it works, respects local customs, operates with integrity and boosts local employment by engaging local companies as its subcontractors.