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We are pleased to provide the introduction that we believe would be helpful to understand the Myanmar labours and our activities.

For a cost effective management of the factory owners, we are focusing on expense and yet deeply concern also on Safe operation of the factory and its demands the competent, skillful and reliable Myanmar labours.

Thus, ever since our company founded, the major aim was to support the workers to upgrade the special skill and technical knowledge.Analyzing the present labour market, in the era of global competition, we understand that supplying the labours with owner’s requirement is not enough. Therefore, we started with up grading courses for our candidates to exceed the owner’s expectation. We intend to seek continuous improvement of the our services and we are confident that your good company’s choice of Myanmar workers will surely turn out to be worth making.

We are looking forward to serve your company in very near future.

Our Vision

To be an outstanding services provider to fulfill total satisfactions of valuable employers and employees.

Our Mission

Our mission is to focus on the development of Myanmar Human Resource and our management skills in order to provide a qualified and experienced workforce to our clients, continuously upgrading our locals employment services to satisfy employers and employees as well as our own staff as a bridge to reach their right objectives.

Our Achievement

Supplying professionals, technicians and skilled workers to the employers; and helping the employees to improve their skills and get contact with rightful employers, and meeting total satisfaction of employers and employees are contributing to our success.