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We offer specialist Industrial Electrical Drafting and Engineering Services with exceptional skills and expertise in the area of Industrial Electrical Engineering. Our electrical engineers are trained to the very highest standards and have vast experience in all aspects of electrical work. This experience and flexibility forms a highly motivated team dedicated to giving our clients the best possible service. Our dedicated team provides professional EPC services for clients that we manage, maintain, and plan for governmental, residential, commercial and industrial electric power systems and infrastructure projects.

We aim to create values to customers and provide innovative, efficient and safe power solutions to continue the fulfillment for various requirements of our customers. We offer a complete range of high quality services with cost effectiveness for Electric Power Systems including:

Could serve under mention

1. Consulting

2. Design

3. Estimating

4. Supervision

5. Installation

Transmission & Distribution Line

  •    High Voltage
  •    Medium Voltage
  •    Low Voltage

Sub-station, Underground Cable Laying & Installation

  •    High Voltage
  •    Medium Voltage
  •    Low Voltage

6. Material Equipment Supply

7. Turnkey Contract for Project